Sunday, October 31, 2010

She's a Saint

Maaike just couldn't be anything else this year. How many things in this world come with a barrel under their chin? I colored one of her nose-piece barrels to match the Saint Bernard's. The only problem is what to do next year?

Cousins on parade.
Coy wanted a cat pumkin, I carved a trach for Maaike's (really the scariest of all), Sid went for the the Nightmare before Christmas, I finally ended up with a haunted tree, and Kees wanted a bat.
Next week Maaike goes back up to Primary for the trach clinic and more evaluations. It's always nerve racking wondering what they will or wont find, but it is comforting to know that regardless of or visit next week or next month Thanksgiving will come and sooth me to sleep with tryptophan.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Team Edward

It is actually blood, her blood, but obviously she isn't bothered a bit. We had five bloody mouth episodes yesterday. An over sized tongue engrossed with vascular cysts just can't compete with one tiny baby tooth. What ever are we going to do? Her gums aren't going to stop with just one. But at least I feel I can finally and clearly throw my alliance to Edward. What can I say? We are pale. We stay inside most of the time. We drip blood down our chins. We are ... Just say it... Vampires.
Here is Maaike associating with Team Jacob. Amazingly these two are first cousins. Just feel the tension.