Thursday, February 10, 2011

New dog with old man tricks

Maaike has started to pull her tongue in more and more. We are hoping that is because it is decreasing in size. It seems to be, but it's so hard to tell. About a month ago we had a little scare when one morning we awoke to find her over sized tongue had swelled up even bigger. It was so big that she couldn't pull it into her mouth at all and it was dry and cracking. We followed her around with little wet medical sponges to try and keep it moist until we go her up to Primary Children's hospital. Many terrible things came to the table with the discussion on possible treatments, including removing the front portion of her tongue, but it was found that she also had an ear infection and there may be a connection between the two. Some of Maaike's cysts are lymphatic and could therefore become inflamed in response to an infection like a lymph node. After the appointment we picked up the prescription and said a prayer...and it worked! In just a couple of days her tongue was back down to it's usual size and now seems to be even smaller. It is such a joy and relief to see her pull her tongue into her mouth. We love it, even if she looks like she forgot her dentures.

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