Saturday, July 31, 2010

Matrix the next generation

Thursday night brought us back to Primary Children's Hospital for a second sleep study. The first one was done when Maaike was about 2 weeks old and was the catolist for the tracheostomy. An average kid will desaturate (have their oxygen level drop below 90%) a couple times during the night. Maaike's first sleep study showed that she was desaturating more than a hundred times in an hour and using only 10% of her airway. At Maaike's first sleep study I had to told her down while the techs hooked her up. This time I was amazed as Maaike sat patiently and let them do their work.
Results will be back in about 2 weeks and we are expecting they will be much improved over the first time. Hopefully they got enough data. In the 8 hours of sleep time Maaike clocked in about 6 and I got about 2. Sleep studies just aren't very sleep promoting.
Poor thing. After they finished Maaike looked like she was ready to enter the cyber dream land induced by computers in The Matrix. Next sleep study I will make sure to dress her in black patten leather. I did always think that Sid looked a bit like Keanu.

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