Friday, July 2, 2010

Many thanks

I have had my moments of disbelief and being over whelmed, but almost all the tears I have shed in the last month have been in amazement and gratitude for the friend and family that have watched out for us. There have been cars borrowed, beds slept in, children watched and walked to school, meals delivered, hours driven for comfort given, and prayers offered up on our behalf. We feel absolutely loved and cared for. Thank you. Let me share just one experience that testified to me of the power of your prayers.

I was borrowing a car to get to and from some appointments for Maaike. On one trip over the point of the mountain, between Salt Lake and Provo, the car started sputtering and then lost all power. I was in the middle lane of the freeway and rolling. Seeing eighteen wheelers start to swerve behind me I began franticly looking for the hazard lights. I couldn't find them so signaled to change lanes and work my way to the emergency lane. No one would let me over. People started honking and swerving. I was rolling at a nice 3 miles per hour.

Then, out to the left, I saw an arm waving me over. A tow truck pulled up behind me and blocked the other lanes giving me time to roll out of traffic. He then pulled up in front of me and came and kneeled next to my window helping me trouble shoot the situation. When nothing worked he hooked up the car and towed me right to my in-laws house with Maaike and I sharing shot-gun. The timing was more than impeccable. The fact that Rick- the tow guy was right behind me at that time is more than coincidence; its an answer to prayers. Thank you.
This is Maaike's last photo before surgery. I'm in the waiting room right now. She should be done any minute and our new lives will begin. And since I know it works, any more prayers on her and our behalf will be gratefully accepted.

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