Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Puj Video

I'd love to know what you think.


  1. This is just wonderful! What a beautiful, special mama you are -- I hope you know that!

    Let me know if it's okay for me to share this on kidz.

    Thank you for inspiring me today! I'm so glad you found something that would help you have greater peace and joy in your motherhood.

    xo Tara

  2. Oh Rian, this totally made me cry. You are so strong. So glad you shared this video. Actually seeing what you are doing made me understand it so much better and was just thinking "Wow, Rian is amazing. She is doing so much! She is doing hard things and so brave!"

    And that little Maaike is such a beautiful little girl. There's something so angelic about her. Seeing the two of you together, made me so happy.

    Beautiful video.

  3. The Fowlers mentioned you on their blog and I was happy to see that you have a blog as well. Your story is so inspiring and heart breaking at the same time. I cannot say enough good things about moms like you and Anna who raise children with disabilities. You are wonderful.

  4. Found you through Kidz. Read your whole blog and brought back so many memories, althogh I was just an O2 and G-tube mom, never a trach mom. (Still really would have loved this tub.) Your family is inspiring and beautiful, I LOVE Maaike's St. Bernard Halloween costume; genius. Also, love your hair.

  5. Rian,

    You inspire me. Thank you for this video! I especially love your attitude about this challenge. You are taking it one day, one decision at a time. You are keeping it so real, but at the same time, you are giving yourself to your family in a way that so many of us never achieve--even those of us moms with 6 children.

    She truly is a beautiful baby, and is lucky to have such a beautiful mommy. Can I post this on FB? I would love to share.

  6. It's crazy to see someone else doing and feeling what I feel.