Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunglasses for a vampire baby

Being homebound for the winter did more than perpetuate Miss Maaike's silky white skin.  I never would have thought to anticipate this, but with such little exposure to the outside world Maaike's eyes turn red and watery at the first glimpse of sunlight.  Thank goodness the fashion powers that be make tiny shades for little babes.  I choose the goggle style because I knew that if the frames narrowed her view she would never keep them on.  And yes, they have 100% UV protection!  Her tiny button nose hardly keeps her glasses up, but she didn't mess with them.  I figure she has enough tough things in her little life to get down about so stepping outside is a great time to see that with a little perspective, and some great sunglasses, everything is coming up rosy!

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